What is BridgeWeb?

BridgeWeb is a bridge management system that is offered as a web based service to bridge owners and inspectors.  It consists of fully integrated data collection, inspection management, inspection reporting, bridge management, work order, and archiving systems accessible through most internet browsers (Explorer, Firefox, Safari) in an intuitive, user-friendly environment.   Pricing is scalable, based on the number of bridges, providing an affordable means for owners of any size subscribe.

Our Services

Bridge Management System (BMS)

Our web-based BMS is built to primarily serve owners whose goals are to maximize the use of scarce funds by prioritizing where those funds are best applied to realize the greatest value gained.  It does this by translating age, condition, deterioration, and corresponding actions into monetary values used in the decision process.  In other words, it speaks in the language used by the ultimate decision makers within any organization; the Commissioner’s, the CEO’s, the CFO’s, therefore providing the operational directors and engineers a better suited compelling argument.  It produces the FHWA upload file and works with NBI, AASHTO standard elements or activity based condition assessment methods.


Inspection Management System (IMS)

Our IMS serves organizations (clients/ engineering firms) responsible for conducting and/or overseeing large inspection programs.  The system provides for inspection and equipment scheduling, reporting, process monitoring, QC/ QA monitoring and documentation, progress reporting, new structure monitoring, archiving, program participant intercommunication and file sharing, as well as a host of other functions all focused on providing an environment and tools needed to manage for complete inspection program.


Inspection Reporting System

The inspection reporting system provides the inspector with the tools necessary to produce a complete report that might include, along with normal text, photos, sketches, or tables.  Element deficiencies and recommendations made within the reporting system automatically create work order requests within the Work Order system, if used.  If our data collection system is used, the reporting system is used to edit the field data collected.


Work Order System

The work order system can be used independently or as an integral part of the inspection reporting system.  It is a fully functional work order system providing activity based costing, but includes a means of modifying costs based on accessibility options, a large contributor to any activity cost on bridges.  It provides stages for the work orders to go from request to final QA with options to prioritize or hold for further review or budget approval at appropriate stages.


Data Collection System (DCS)

The BridgeWeb DCS provides field inspectors a simple, intuitive tool to conduct their inspections providing for text, photos, sketches, tables, etc. using a pen-based tablet.  It also provides historical data in the form of past inspection reports, plans, and recent work order information, tracks inspection progress, provides real time QC, and works fluidly with the inspector in a manner that allows them to move from one element to another.  It collects span specific and sub-element data allowing the inspector to break down elements, as needed, to provide for better documentation of conditions.  The DCS communicates and transfers data to the BridgeWeb central server through any internet connection making the system highly mobile and responsive.    


As part of the ICA group, which includes Florence & Hutcheson Consulting Engineers, we also provide:

·         Structure Inspection Services

·         Bridge repair, rehabilitation, and replacement design services

·         Structural Analysis

·         Bridge Repair services